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Our stores provide a Circular Solution to corporates by Repurposing their redundant items received through All Heart NZ's Redirection Service. And our latest Repurposing project is Upcycling.

Items such as office chairs, soft furnishings, corporate clothing and MDF tops that were difficult to repurpose due to reasons such as fabric damage, branding issues, missing components or impractical designs, are being refitted, rebranded and reworked. The results are products not just salvaged from waste but of greatly improved quality, usability and attractiveness.

Employment, Training & Volunteerism

We are a Profit-For-Purpose Enterprise with a vision to Give Hope and Restore Dignity to our people and planet. When you shop at our stores, you are not only helping us divert quality items from becoming waste in our landfills. But from the funds raised from the purchases you make, you help us provide employment, education, training and volunteerism opportunities to our community and Whānau.

When you shop at our stores, you are truly Shopping for Good!

All Heart NZ

Our parent organisation is All Heart NZ who specialise in Corporate Sustainability and Community Support. Since it's operational beginnings in February 2017, we have diverted over 3 million kgs of redundant corporate 'waste', supported over 300 different community groups across 7 countries and have saved over $7.5 million for the various charities and community enterprises we have had the privilege of supporting.

Boy Without a Pillow

Learn about one of our founding stories.

A nine-year old boy in West Auckland was able to receive his first pillow thanks to All Heart NZ and the corporate who chose to do something ethical with their waste.

By improving the ways we both source and dispose of 'stuff', we can positively impact the lives of our people and planet.

All Heart Store Manukau

116C Cavendish Drive
Manukau, Auckland

Mon-Thu: 8:30am-5pm
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Saturday: 10am-2pm
09 390 5767

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